Hi. I am Jordan Gonzalez. I’m tormented by curiosity and I am often an awkward orator, so I prefer to write.

Raised in Houston, Texas, I was best friends with nature. Ornithology was my specialty, and I spent hours each day identifying birds and studying their habitats.

When I wasn’t birdwatching, I was reading history books, drawing sailing ships and playing with LEGOs.

I learned, however, when I was a teenager that I wasn’t a scientist, history teacher or an illustrator. I discovered journalism was my calling after I became interested in politics as a teenager, and I haven’t looked back since.

My journalism experience includes being managing editor for Oakland University’s  The Oakland Post, news editor for Cleveland State University’s The Cauldron, and editorial intern for The American Spectator.

While I finish up my journalism degree at Cleveland State University, I’m an editorial intern at Ohio Magazine and at CSU’s The Stater (another student newspaper) I’m a political reporter (covering CSU politics), social media manager and graphics/photo editor.

I want to be on the front row of modern events and watch history unfold. My goal is to document every part of the world that touches me. I do and will continue to do so through my writing, poems, pictures and interactions with people.

My dream is to become a global journalist, political journalist (focusing on Congressional politics) or a photojournalist. Wherever I will be needed, that is where I will go. The thing about me is I master the topic I am reporting on, whether it’s a political system or a specific issue being discussed, I will figure out how to properly report it.

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